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  • "As part of the modernization of our business, we trusted dnnΖΟΝΕ for the development of our website. From the first time, the people understood our needs and with their ideas and expertise created a site that fully meets the requirements surpassing our expectations. Already we receive positive feedback from its guests and now we consider dnnΖΟΝΕ as a valuable partner of us. Thanks dnnΖΟΝΕ for the excellent cooperation and strongly recommend you for the promotion of your business!!!!"

    ΕLL.ΟΙΚΟΝ.Business Consultants
  • "Before the cooperation for the first time with dnnΖΟΝΕ I knew that it was a very serious company with the experience of several projects and all recommendations had been very positive! During the development of my website, I noticed the level of expertise of the people who compose it. It was very important for me, due to lack of time, not having to repeat my thoughts, but to see imprinted in very short time. What made me rank this company on top, however, was the aftersales service which, because of my business activity, I see as the primary business assessment index."

    Spiros AgiovlassitisLampaled
  • "Cooperation with dnnΖΟΝΕ left me with the best impressions. I met people full disposal for work and original ideas. The result was of high quality and perfectly tailored to my needs, and so far the support for any problem always remains directly!"

    Tasos PavlikanidisBusinessman
  • "We had an impeccable cooperation with dnnΖΟΝΕ as we are talking about a team of professionals who are fully organized and coordinated not only during the implementation of the project but also on a consulting level towards their clients. We would particularly like to emphasize on the high quality of their work and their immediate support whenever that is necessary.."

    Dionissis Polizois Managing Director
  • "Exceptional partners, flawless outcome! The most important advantage of dnnZONE and its people is that they fully adapt to their client’s needs while on the other hand having the ability to perceive the business purposes a website is serving and they effectively guide you with ideas and suggestions. Highly recommended."

    Vasilios Glinis Founder
  • "From the beginning of my cooperation with the dnnZONE team I realized that I am dealing with people who really love what they do. The proposals they offered me made the most of my website’s capabilities, giving me spectacular margins for my professional development. As for the technical support... they come before us, for us! In a few words, the best possible cooperation, at a very affordable cost. God bless you!!!"

    Rezek Nidal Animal Station
  • "Our cooperation with dnnZONE was a unique experience! An aggressive team of ‘devil’s advocates’ dealt with and comprehended deeply the marketing of our business, giving results which went far beyond our expectations.The multitude of its partners who covered all our needs deservedly won the final ‘battle’ of our present and future cooperation. After the first contact with them, you will realize all the things we already know and are reflected in our website."

    Milonakis Dimitris - Kralli Argiro Founders
  • "My cooperation with the dnnZONE company was perfect.From the beginning of our cooperation they were (and still are) in constant contact with me guiding me on how to implement my ideas and promote them in a proper way. They offered me a package which covered all my needs and ,at the same time, was economical."

    Markos Hatzopoulos - Lili Hatzopoulou Account Manager
  • "A truly wonderful experience. Excellent professionals. It was very important that during our cooperation I never felt being on my own, we had daily, immediate and fast contact. Apart from being right and proper professionals , they are also very friendly and sociable. I would be glad to cooperate with you again in the future.."

    www.tour-europe.net Founder
  • "Considering myself a particularly demanding person, especially regarding my professional partnerships, I would like to thank dnnZONE for helping me, proposing solutions to difficult problems, implementing everything that I asked for and was necessary for my business and, most of all, devoting time to me , not whenever they could, but whenever I needed it."

    Panos Karitsos Gerontaras Ceramics
  • "Our cooperation with dnnZONE was and continues to be impeccable. I believe that their strongest asset is that they do everything, promptly! That means that there is perfect organization. The most important thing we acquired during our cooperation is friendship. What makes dnnZONE stand out is the friendly environment in connection with the direct service."

    Areti Eleftheriadou OrangeTS Customer Service
  • "I would like to thank dnnZONE workforce because they managed to implement and further enrich my ideas in order to have the outcome I wished for. They were and still are by my side providing me with constant support while the economic part of our cooperation was highly affordable."

    Kiriakos Diakatos Athlos Dog Training
  • "Our cooperation with the dnnZONE manpower was indeed full of ...power! People who listen, understand our needs and give solutions and ideas adapted to us. They are not trying to give a ready solution using copy-paste practices but a solution tailored to our needs. Our project, which contained specificities for sale with colour-size, brought a number of challenges to which they responded successfully."

    Just Perfect Team Thank you very much
  • "My cooperation with the dnnZONE workforce was particularly effective as it consists of people who have very thorough knowledge of how to create a website as well as promote a professional on the Internet. They were always by my side, from the beginning till the end of our cooperation, consulting me about how to advertise my job in the best way and offering me an affordable economic service package."

    Athanasios Katoufas Mechanical Engineer
  • "What I kept in my mind, as a valuable experience after my cooperation with you, was that: I knew from the early start, that whatever I want can be done. I learnt that the execution timelines of individual jobs exist only to be fulfilled. I appreciated the small as well as the big tips that you gave me regarding the contact and facilitation of the user and ever since that day it’s me who accepts all the recognition. However, the most important thing was that you treated me like a person , not as another.... site. It is the first time (after 3 unsuccessful attempts elsewhere) that I am proud of giving the ailouros website address to anyone who asks for it. Thanks again."

    Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos Ailouros- Veterinary Clinic for cats
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DnnZONE Web Services consists of a team of professionals, in the technology field, who operate in the purchase of website development companies.

Today, dnnZONE Web Development Services is constantly increasing in growth and the trust it has won from its customers proves its gradual establishment in the Greek market as a guaranteed and credible name in the Internet Services field.

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